The Yanoli Founders

The Yanoli Founders

The Yanoli Founders

When great forces come together, they can either destroy or make stronger. Believing in the uniting of good to make even better, Yanoli’s foundation is built on honesty, integrity and loyalty. In the fast moving world of today, these pillars do not lose in value, however unfortunately they often lose in importance. 

The opportunity Yanoli offers you, is to work with people at eye level, built on trust, respect and integrity. Network Marketing is a people’s business and at Yanoli, people come first. For us, ethical behaviour is paramount. Remaining fair at all times and acting with integrity. Clear lines that value diversity and promote equal opportunities and enable self-empowerment without discrimination.


Jerome Hoerth - CEO

Jerome Hoerth is a young veteran of the Network Marketing industry, the result of a successful Networking Career. As a young, shy electrician, a colleague worked on him for several weeks, finally persuading him to give Network Marketing a go by getting him to test a product.

Convinced of the quality of the product, he figured he had nothing to lose. Soon after he was able to witness a testimonial of another electrician earning a solid income as a Networker – well if he could do it, then why should Jerome not be able to. Learning by doing until finally realising that his leaders had more experience in the business and knew what worked, he started to follow their lead and became one of the fastest growing Networkers in the company at the time.

Going full time after 1,5 years in the business, he decided to move to corporate in 2010 to develop his skills further and to show his love for the industry from a different perspective. He developed a passion to find the balance between quality products with a real added value, which combined with a fair compensation plan, allow people to grow and succeed while maintaining the financial stability of the company. With Yanoli he created that balance.

Helena Löwenstein

At the beginning of 1999, Helena Löwenstein started out as a Networker. Approached by a stranger in the ladies toilettes at McDonalds, she is the proof of the pudding that cold contacts can work out extremely well. Again, it was the products which attracted Helena to the business and the realisation that she could recommend and earn.
Off to a good start, she realised that she had a tool to help others get on their feet and earn money at their own pace and independently. Her teachability, discipline and absolute integrity have accompanied her throughout her years in the industry. She is the kind of leader people follow gladly, as she shares her wisdom, encourages, teaches and has a tough love approach.
After 5 years as a part-time networker, she gave up her safe job as a civil servant and went to networking full time. Over the years she has helped a huge number of people change their lives for the better. For some, this business is a stepping stone to other things, realising dreams that had long been shelved, for others it is the career choice of their dreams allowing them to manage their work life balance the way they want to.
Helena supports the Yanoli Network with her inspiration, trainings, passion and experience.


Laura Lipinski

Laura Lipinski has been active part-time in the network marketing industry since 2004. For many years, she has been able to combine her profession in the social media marketing and the online sector with her side-line job as a networker, thus developing a digital approach to the Network Business that allowed her to build her sales organisation internationally. In 2018 Laura took off as a full-time professional networker and gave her team a great advantage by teaching them how to leverage their business with the right digital skills. 

Her approachability and ability to see people holistically means she supports her Team more than just on the business level. Honesty and integrity in the business are essential to building the business on a solid foundation. Her strong commitment to help her Team to see the value of a balanced lifestyle so that mental barriers can be broken.

Laura is helping the Yanoli Network to acquire the skills needed to build leadership and strong teams in Network Marketing by using the digital world with her online skills.


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